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Beach Grooves Radio, deep house based online DJ radio station loves to offer you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the best DJ mix of music from around the world.

The radio is located in Marbella, a place for parties and nightlife, beach grooves can organize funky deep house music based exciting beach parties throughout the year with live DJs, go-go girls, saxophonists and drummers.

You surely going to have the best party and you also will never miss the best moments of your party with the beach grooves radio!

The internet radio station is jam-packed with exciting audio content and complete information for their listeners which helps make Marbella an excellent place to relax.

In the case of good music, you never need to look too far again!

It’s the sound that starts, drives and ends hundreds of great nights-out in this part of Spain, and now, you can have this music with you wherever you are, whatever the time of day or night is.

About The Radio

The Online radio station is full of fresh sound and information that is ideal for those who listen and help make Marbella a good place to relax. The BeachGrooves Deep House DJ radio station offers you listeners, the very best of  DJ mixing music in the world 24/7.

The radio has Marbella, a place for parties and nightlife. BeachG can organize for you Funky Deep House festivals all the year round with live DJs, go-go girls, saxophone players and drummers.

Ways To Listen

As a popular online radio and not only that it’s also one of the mainstream online radio station of its class with thousands of daily listeners everyday, it’s natural to think that BeachGrooves will try to cater to the highest number of listeners possible for them.

This is the reason why the radio has the presence in all major radio platforms along with mobile and desktop platforms.

They have got a well designed and easy to use website, through which you can access the radio and to make it easier to listen to Beach Grooves along with many other popular Spanish Online Radio stations we have listed BeachGroovesRadio along with other popular names in Spanish radio landscape in our directory. Direct link to the radio has been given at the end of this article.

When it comes to being in-tune and in-touch with the spirit of adventure that is prevalent in the Costa del Sol, this is the only Radio Station you will need. It’s the sound that starts, drives and ends hundreds of great nights-out in this part of Spain, and now, you can have this music with you wherever you are, whatever the time of day or night.

BG Programs Schedule

The radio is jam-packed with fresh contents to keep the listeners engaged with them.

Being one of the best or probably the most popular radio for deep house music lovers from Marbella, they have a plethora of programs broadcasting from down to dusk nonstop 24/7 with only one aim, which is to engage their listeners with the radio and its programs as deeply as possible.

There’s a lot to write about and lots to listen… Some of the most popular programs for this class of radio are produced by Beach Grooves.

Deep Luv, Town House, Cosmic NU Disco, Club Maretimo, Drive time,  Interline Lounge, DJ Live Sax, Cafe Deep, Stardust, AudioMaiz, Blend, The Lemon Tree, Atmosphere, Havana Deep, Pleasure Sound, Clapcast, Sonido Liquido, Sky Deep Session, Groove Seeker, Empire Deep, Nothing Else, Mokai Lounge, Ready to be, Weekend Kick Of, Positive OB, Anure Music, Beat Kitchen, Project 13, Groove School, Skully Vince, Chill Cafe,  Solo Ritmo, Enter The Deep,  Brightech Radio, Release Yourself, Jacked N Edged, Dreams Highway etc. are some of their popular programs.

You can learn more about the full program’s schedule and timing of BG Radio from here.

Party Planning

If you would love to arrange your own party with a personal DJ, Go-Go Dancers, Light and Pyro Effects, Catering etc. but don’t know where to start then BeachGrooves sure has the perfect solution for you!  Visit their Events page for further information… You will have the best Party and good-times to remember forever!!!
The  Station is always packed full of fresh audio content and information that is ideal for the listener and helps to make Marbella such a great place to hang-out. BeachGrooves Deep House DJ Radio Station provides you 24/7 with only the best DJ Mixes from around the World.
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City- Marbella, Spain.

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