Gen FM-Generasi Suara Musik Indonesia

Gen FM, the glowing star of Indonesia’s online radio realm continuously entertaining their listeners across Indonesia. No matter whether you are in Indonesia or elsewhere in the world as long as connected to the internet you can have access to Gen 98.7. As a highly acclaimed radio directory, it’s natural that live online radio has got all the popular Indonesian radios listed along with Gen 98.7 FM.

Alternate Names:

Gen 98.7 FM is also popular and pretty well-known among fans as-

  • PT Radio Attahiriyah (Jakarta)
  • PT Radio Camar (Surabaya)

Their frequencies based on the region are:

  • Gen 98.7 FM ( Jakarta )
  • Gen 103.1 FM ( Surabaya )

Trending latest music based playlists makes the playlists of Gen FM a notch more interesting than the rest. The energy they put in their presentation and the friendly approach of their RJ’s makes the radio a great entertaining package. In today’s age only playing good songs are not enough to be loved by fans it also needs to be connected with them in a friendly manner. The folks at Gen FM does so in a very friendly manner.  They are connected with their listeners through their presentation and social platforms, which makes it easier for them to understand the listening behavior of their listeners. All the RJ’s of the radio are very friendly and energetic, just like the rest of the broadcasting team.

A glimpse into their History:

First, Gene Surabaya 103.1 FM  was named as Camar FM. Which was then purchased by Gen Jakarta 98.7FM and became 103.1 FM. It continued its test transmission and then launched as a full-fledged radio station on 1st March 2010. Although they changed their company’s air name to 103.1 FM Genes Surabaya, the name of the company remained the same as PT Radio Camar.  Later on 103.1 FM Surabaya decided to change the name of the radio to Gen 103.1 FM  On 1 March, 2017.


Their Popular Programs are as follows:

  • Dupak (Kudu Tepak, disiarkan di Gen FM Surabaya)
  • Gen Music
  • KarJO (Karaoke Jowo, disiarkan di Gen FM Surabaya)
  • Semanggi (Semangat Pagi)
  • Salah Sambung
  • KL!K

As you have already known that Gen radio is available to hear from Surabaya and Jakarta. But because they are also broadcasting online, its possible to tune to them from across the globe and we is one such medium you can use to tune to them. In general, all of their programs are as follows:

  • Dupak (Kudu Tepak, broadcast in FM Gen Surabaya)
  • Gen Music
  • Room (formerly Diaz Anka Rame Night, broadcast in Jakarta FM Gen)
  • Malignant (Gen 40 The Hottest Song, formerly the 30th True Song Genre, broadcast on Jakarta FM Gen)
  • Semanggi (Semangat Pagi)
  • Wrong number
  • Genkmayan (Genk Pretty)
  • KARJO (Karaoke Jowo, broadcasted in Gen FM Surabaya)
  • KL! K
  • Tulalit (The Seven Best Songs Complete, broadcast in FM Gen Jakarta)

RJ Profiles:

One of the reasons behind the consistent popularity of Gen 98.7 FM is their energetic and charming RJs. Some of them are as follows:


Morning spirit

  • TJ
  • Kemal Vivaveni

Genk Mayan

  • Kemal Pahlevi
  • Diaz Danar


  • Patra Gumala
  • Dimas Joey


  • Ankatama
  • Rozy Aldilasa
  • Rarisa Sastro
  • Veve Adeline
  • Leo Utomo
  • Radhini

Appled & Kopaja Show

  • Patra Gumala
  • Dimas Joey
  • Eleonora Jessica “Jeje” ES
  • Ankatama


Morning Spirit :

  • Yudi Kemal
  • Retha
  • Ruli Perdana
  • Decyl
  • Rudy Mahendra
  • Risda Yogyanita
  • Zeya Oktavian

SoreGambreng :

  • Danin Bryan

Gen Asoy :

  • Vetto


  • Nadya


  • Cut

Take a look at some of the essential information of Gen FM below:

launch date based on Region- 

  • Jakarta: September 10, 2007.
  • Surabaya: March 1, 2010.

Broadcasting Country- Indonesia.

Availability- Jakarta and Surabaya. Worldwide as an Online radio.

Address- Menara Imperium Lt. P7, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. No. 1 (3,779.20 km)
12980 Jakarta, Indonesia

Owner- Mahaka Radio Integra.

Cell- +62 21 83707171

Fax – +62-21 8370 7172

Whatsapp- 08111407987


Social Presence-

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