Inspiring quotes by Billy Bob Thornton

Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Billy Bob Thornton

  • We didn’t have a movie theatre until I was about nine, so I just didn’t see them. But, once I got into movies I loved them.
  • I know that I loved music before I loved movies, simply because I didn’t see movies as a kid.
  • I know it’s boring to say this but I always start with the script. I mean if it’s well written and it’s a character that I haven’t necessarily played before.
  • Sometimes we don’t want the bad guy to get caught because otherwise the story is over. You want to at least see it through to the end.
  • If someone is talking to you and tells you that you ought to do something, and you can tell they mean it, those are the scary people. Those are the people you want to watch out for.
  • You read something and you just feel this makes sense. And sometimes before you even read it you have a feeling that yeah, I’m probably gonna do this one.
  • I got in drama class in high school and I only got in there because there were girls and I thought maybe I could make a grade above a C in something.
  • My songs aren’t built around choruses or hooks or anything like that. That’s kind of how I write screenplays too.
  • I write songs on guitar and that’s about how good of a guitar player I am. I can write songs on it.
  • I think Americana music is music that is generally more singer/songwriter oriented. It has more to do with the songwriting. The music, it’s more like stories set to music.

Billy Bob Thornton is an American actor, filmmaker, and musician born on August 4, 1955, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He gained widespread recognition for his versatile talents, earning acclaim as an actor, writer, and director. Thornton’s breakthrough came with his portrayal of the mentally challenged Karl Childers in the 1996 film “Sling Blade,” a role for which he won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Throughout his career, Thornton has showcased his acting prowess in various genres, including dramas like “A Simple Plan” (1998) and “Monster’s Ball” (2001), as well as comedies like “Bad Santa” (2003). He has received multiple award nominations for his performances, establishing himself as a respected figure in the film industry.

In addition to acting, Thornton is an accomplished filmmaker, directing movies such as “All the Pretty Horses” (2000) and “Jayne Mansfield’s Car” (2012). Beyond the silver screen, he is a talented musician, often performing with his band, The Boxmasters.

Billy Bob Thornton’s career is marked by his ability to seamlessly transition between various creative roles, making him a prominent and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

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