Inspiring quotes by Bob Ross

Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Bob Ross

  • Ever make mistakes in life? Let’s make them birds. Yeah, they’re birds now.
  • It’s the imperfections that make something beautiful, that’s what makes it different and unique from everything else.
  • In painting, you have unlimited power. You have the ability to move mountains. You can bend rivers. But when i get home the only thing I have power over is the garbage.
  • I have to paint fast on television because of the limited time, but I don’t want people to see what I’m showing them as work, something to worry and fret over. This is supposed to be fun.
  • I guess I’m a little weird. I like to talk to trees and animals. That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people.
  • I don’t know if anything in nature ever grows exactly the same, but they are always exactly as the way it should be, perfectly itself.
  • I started painting as a hobby when I was little. I didn’t know I had any talent. I believe talent is just a pursued interest. Anybody can do what I do.
  • Don’t be afraid to scrape the paint off and do it again. This is the way you learn, trial and error, over and over, repetition. It pays you great dividends, great, great dividends.
  • I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting. Exercising the imagination, experimenting with talents, being creative; these things, to me, are truly the windows to your soul.
  • I really believe that if you practice enough you could paint the ‘Mona Lisa’ with a two-inch brush.

Bob Ross (1942–1995) was an iconic American painter and television host, best known for his soothing voice and the popular TV series “The Joy of Painting.” Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, Ross discovered his passion for painting while serving in the U.S. Air Force. After leaving the military, he dedicated himself to spreading the joy of art.

Ross developed a unique and rapid painting technique, using wet-on-wet oil painting to create landscapes in just 30 minutes. His trademark afro hairstyle and calm demeanor endeared him to audiences, making him a beloved figure in the art world.

In 1983, “The Joy of Painting” debuted on PBS, and Ross became a household name. The show featured Ross guiding viewers through the creation of stunning landscapes, emphasizing the therapeutic and accessible nature of art. His catchphrase “happy little trees” became synonymous with his optimistic approach to mistakes in painting and life.

Beyond his television success, Ross was an art instructor and founded his own art supply company. Despite battling lymphoma, he continued to inspire millions until his passing in 1995. Bob Ross’s legacy endures through his art, teachings, and the continued popularity of “The Joy of Painting.”

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