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Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Justin Long

  • I loved the opportunity to just transform my voice. I loved the idea of doing impressions and mimicking and playing around with the spectrum of your own voice. That’s what I enjoy most about doing voiceovers.
  • I loved ‘Junebug.’ It was one of my favorite films, my favorite type of film.
  • I love doing voiceover work. I started doing voiceover work when I had just dropped out of school, and the first few professional jobs I got were plays, but then I started making money doing voiceovers.
  • I look like a geeky hacker but I don’t know anything about computers.
  • I have such thin skin, so I make a concerted effort to avoid reading anything about myself.
  • I did as many takes as I could, naked from the waist down, … If I was framed from anywhere above the waist, I would always just like to hang it out.
  • Guys like Philip Seymour Hoffman or Sam Rockwell are the guys I look up to and have the kind of career Id like to emulate.
  • Aside from my love of animation, as an actor I like the total lack of vanity in terms of not having to worry at all about your appearance. You don’t have to deal with hair or makeup or wardrobe.
  • As I’ve gotten older and seen people around me evolving and moving on with life, I just have a stronger sense of my own mortality and time itself becomes more precious. I don’t want to spend this precious and limited time on things that don’t necessarily bring me happiness.
  • I had been thinking for a while about how bored and tired I was of playing straight-down-the-middle everymanish characters that have what I call white guy problems. And I missed playing characters who lacked dignity and more importantly, lacked social skills.
Justin Long

Justin Long is an American actor, comedian, and voice actor. He was born on June 2, 1978, in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States. Long gained recognition for his role as the character Brandon St. Randy in the cult classic film “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” (2004).

Long’s career began in the late 1990s, and he quickly established himself as a versatile actor, showcasing his comedic talents in films such as “Galaxy Quest” (1999) and “Accepted” (2006). He also appeared in more dramatic roles, including the critically acclaimed film “Jeepers Creepers” (2001) and its sequel.

In addition to his work in film, Justin Long has made numerous television appearances. He starred in the sitcom “Ed” (2000-2004) and had recurring roles on shows like “New Girl” and “Mom.” Long has also made guest appearances in popular series such as “The Mindy Project” and “Portlandia.”

Justin Long has also lent his voice to several animated films and television shows. He is best known for his role as the voice of the character Alvin in the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” film series. He has also provided voices for characters in animated movies like “Open Season” (2006) and “Tangled” (2010).

Beyond his acting career, Long has been involved in various creative projects, including writing and directing. He co-wrote and starred in the independent film “A Case of You” (2013) and directed his first feature film, “Lady of the Manor,” in 2021.

Justin Long’s talent, versatility, and distinctive voice have made him a recognizable figure in the entertainment industry. He continues to pursue a wide range of acting projects, both on screen and behind the scenes.

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