KXJ 1330 Juneau – Juneau’s Greatest Hits

KXJ 1330 Juneau is a classic hit formatted online radio station, broadcast from Juneau, Alaska, serving Southeast Alaska, with frequency 1330 kHz. This radio station entertains its listeners by streaming all sorts of classic hit songs of diverse categories one after one. This station was founded in 27th May 2011; owned and operated by Alaska Broadcast Communications.

The compassion spirit of KXL is to keep amused its listeners all day all time by playing Classic Rock, Hits and Pop music. KXJ 1330 Juneau official website address is

Slogan: ‘Juneau’s Greatest Hits’

General information

  • City: Juneau, Alaska
  • Broadcast area: Southeast Alaska
  • Branding: 1330 KXJ
  • Frequency: 1330 kHz
  • First air date: 2006
  • Format: Classic Hits
  • Owner: Alaska Broadcast Communications (Juneau Alaska Communications, LLC.)
  • Sister stations: KINY, KJNO, KSUP, KTKU

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KXJ 1330 Juneau is an online music radio station. Launched in 2006 as KTNL, in 2007, the callsign was changed to KXLJ, which became a partner for Air America. When Air America went under in 2010, KXLJ became an ESPN Radio affiliate. It locally owned and operated since 2011. On May 12, 2011, Seattle Streaming Radio, LLC sold KXLJ to Alaska Broadcast Communications for $250,000. On July 1, 2011, KXLJ changed formats to classic hits as “1330 KXJ”, a “nod” to Los Angeles’s KHJ from the 60s and 70s, under new KXXJ calls.


Audience participant, talk show, special guest invitations programs are very popular of KXJ 1330 Juneau radio station. Weekend programs are most popular songs, regardless of genre.The programming usually cycles from the least attractive item, to most attractive, followed by commercials. The purpose of this plan is to build listener interest during the programming. After all, all programs undoubtedly win the loyalty of their listeners.

On-Air Staff’s are; John McCoy, Richard Burns, Jerry James, and Kelly Peres.


Contact Info-

Social Contact: Facebook, Twitter, Website.

Address: 3161 Channel Dr, Suite #2, Juneau, AK 99801

Office Phone: (907) 586-3630

Second Phone:  (907) 586-6397 (News Room)

Office Fax:  (907) 463-3685

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