Radio Srood

Radio Srood is an online radio station, live broadcasting from Afghanistan. This Radio broadcast various kinds of music. By Live streaming this station broadcasts- live Afghan music 24/7, the latest Afghan music, Top 10 Chart of the Week, Afghan entertainment news, and interviews with Afghan artists with high quality.

Radio Srood is a one of the most famous online radio station on Afghanistan.

  • Language: Pashto
  • Location: Kabul
  • Country: Afghanistan
  • Genres: variety.


Radio Srood app is streaming live Afghan music 24/7 with high-quality music. Their special broadcasts are covering major cultural and festival events; Informative talks programs and Specialist music programs. The weekly program of Radio Srood is Religious stories. Educational programs are regularly broadcasted from Radio Srood. This radio is student-driven with a mix of popular music and talks radio programs produced by students. This delightful program is filled with varied character voices, sound effects, and easy-to-follow religious truths.

Their goal is to bring you the latest Afghan music, Top 10 Chart of the Week, Afghan entertainment news, interviews with Afghan artists live on your iOS and Android phones. This Radio station thrives on attracting and engaging listeners, which requires interacting with the crowds at events and promotions.

Management of this radio takes care of the business advertising, technical, and administrative aspects of a radio station.

You can request for song and can participate their programs by requests.


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