Rock the Folk, Quite Out of The Ordinary

Rock the Folk, the online radio station for all people and all days, but quite out of the ordinary. This is one of the most popular online radio station available 24/7 with their beautiful programs on Folk, Bluegrass, Rock, Metal, Folk, 80’s Hard Rock, Country, Irish and Middle Ages Music. On top of all this listeners will also be able to enjoy special music on specific genres.

Humanitarian Initiative:

They are also supporting the project called “RadioAid”. A 24-hour live broadcast will be designed and produced by different moderators. This broadcast will be made available to all radio stations without charge for broadcasting. The aim is to inform the listeners about the selected project, to show possibilities of support and to encourage donations.

Radio Team:

Dietmar, He loves all the music, but mainly rock and folk, but also metal and classical music. He enjoys his visits to Ireland because of the country, not just because of the whiskey and the beer.

Lothar, He loves the blue grass and the country, but also all peoples.

Steffen, The man with both Ms – MiddleAges and Metal. He loves folk songs and good coverage. You can find it at MiddleAges markets and dance events.

Chani, He likes to lie in front of the box of drool or do nonsense: it feeds all the DJs of the studio!

Rock Folker, Our AutoDJ, works when there are no other shows on the air!

Christian, Founding member, former musician (day of mourning), rest for lack of time (professional, family).

Nils, Founding member, former musician (day of mourning), rest for lack of time (professional, family).

Main Programs:

  • Rotation-Pre-produced Show
  • New Folk-Mix of the new Folk-Scene
  • Before Rock-Was there anything before Rock or on the Way to…?
  • Celtic Folk-Folksongs from the celtic World
  • Oldtime Rock-Rocksongs partly from Venyl
  • European Folk-Folk from Western Europe, not only mainstream
  • Whispering and Weeping-Guitar-heavy Songs
  • Longplayers-Songs, you can’t hear very often, because of their length
  • Alltime Favorites-My Favorits from all Times and all Genres
  • Folk Rock-A beautiful Synthesis of Folk und Rock
  • Singer and Songwriter-Singer und Songwriter are not always boring!!!
  • Bluegrass Box
  • Country Box-Countrymusic for real Cowboys
  • Folk Box-Folk and FolkRock from England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Covered-The most beautiful cover-songs.
  • Folk Pure-Straight Folk Frome Ireland, Scotland and …
  • Middle Ages Music-Middle Ages Music in new Sounds …
  • My Musicmix-Musicmix out of my Favorites
  • Just Rock-Just good Rockmusic
  • Unplugged & Plugged-Music without big technical Effort and many more engaging programs

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E-mail Address-

Contact Details:

Dietmar Aland
at Sengig 16
36103 Flieden.

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