Aden Radio Yemen

Aden Radio, established in August 7, 1954 under the name of Aden Radio station. This radio is a live online broadcasting radio, broadcast from Aden, Yemen. It was the first radio station that offers such services in the region on two shifts: morning and evening with a total of six hours per day. Arabian poetry and Culture are famous attraction of this radio. Here plays diverse variety of Arabian music. Among the people of all ages this radio channel plays music programs and talk shows 24 hours live online. You can listen and enjoy Aden Radio from Live Online Radio.

Initial information:

Address: P.O. Box:  1222

City:  Aden – Yemen

Tel:  967-2-203 984

Fax:  967-2-202 194


Frequency: FM 92.6

Broad Description

Radio Aden Yemen has constantly been updating its communications and the frequencies it broadcasts through. Since it started operational on raising its performance, and now the broadcast continues along 20 hours per day via satellite on an FM wave of Yemen in Sanaa. Aden Yemen Radio covers broadcasting transversely the country and to parts of the Arab world and Middle-East and Muslim area of Africa over the medium-wave.

Radio Aden Yemen renovates its radio programs every four months to work on the renaissance and regeneration of forms in inventive means. The programs presented shall be as suitable to remain side by side of growths and events of nationwide, religious and public feelings and the requirements of listeners.

Language and Programs

Radio Aden broadcasts programs in the Arabic-language, and has other daily programs in English and French, basically news programs. These programs differ on a broad range, news bulletin, , political talk, religious conversation, music and entertainment, children and youth, sports and health, women, cultivation, communal and cultural programs, as well as programs particularly for the emigrants.