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Sports Radio America (SRA) is a Sports based radio station, broadcast from USA. This radio has become an admired preference for reliable sports converse, news and live game news with commentary. SRA is a worldwide network of sovereign radio owners, broadcasters and journalist committed to conveyed you an enjoyable perception on sports.

Popular programs are: Basketball Show, Football, Baseball Show and Sports news programs.

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Sports Radio America is a sovereign sports network, online radio station, owned and operated by Tyayoku Studios, LLC in Louisville, KY. It broadcasts 64 diverse countries worldwide and continuously increasing its popularity day by day in sports lovers.

From beginning it has partnered with “The American Basketball Association”

The mission of this radio is to present listeners and spectators with excellence open content which have observations and judgments unfiltered by corporate persuade which dictates the focus of many conglomerate conventional media outlets nowadays.

Sports Radio America believes in independent media. They believe that their listeners should be heard. They consign value in listener’s belief that is why they give listeners numerous conducts to make their voices heard through their multi-platform website, social media, calling, and texting.


Popular programs:

Big Shots Nation Radio Hour

Hosted by Kevin Schneider and Jim Tirey.

Schedule time: Wednesday at 9 pm. This program highlighting basketball recruiting, coaches, players and Grassroots events nationally.

The Bridge

Hosted by John Lund

Schedule time- Wednesday at 7pm. The Bridge is a weekly sports radio show / podcast hosted and formed by John Lund that centers on talk about the recent events, news and analysis in the sports world, as well as any other related sports subjects relevant for comment, criticism or hot take.

Major League Diamond

Hosted by Kyle Smith.

Schedule time Tuesday at 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. It is popular for Baseball related programs, events, news and live commentary.

H-Town Sports Talk

Hosted by Lenny Moon.

Schedule time Tuesday, Wednesday at 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM. This program supplies enthusiastic sports fans with updates, analysis, and interviews from the Texas sports scene plus a healthy dose of Space City flavor.

The Great Lakes Forum

Hosted by Jake Riepma & Alex Faust.

Schedule time Thursday at 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. Popular for interviews, talk show and criticism.


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