Ariana FM

Radio Ariana FM 93.5 is a transmit radio station from Kabul, Afghanistan providing education, health, children’s programming, women’s, and world issues. This radio is the biggest private media stations in Afghanistan, covering 33 of 34 regions and coming to more than 20,000,000 Afghans. Ariana’s objective since dispatch has been one of consideration and training, giving a “Window for a Better Tomorrow.”

General Information

  • Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 93.5

Ariana FM Radio is a private radio network established in 2005 by Engineer Ehsanullah Bayat with more than 60 radio transmitters. This is the only radio channel providing coverage to all provinces of Afghanistan and is the most popular radio channel in Afghanistan, providing programs in Dari, Pashto, Uzbeki, and Turkmani languages.

Brief Description

Owner of Ariana FM is Engineer Ehsanullah Bayat. Alongside Radio Ariana’s sister organization – Afghan Wireless Communication Company and the Bayat Family Foundation, they operate and arrange more than 4,000 Afghans all through the nation and they are pleased to have Afghans building and television ATN/ Ariana 93.5 for all of Afghanis.

Concentrating on data, essence, and diversion that revives Afghanistan’s customs and society, ATN’s modifying spots specific accentuation on training, well being, youngsters’ customizing, ladies’ and world issues, and Ariana take extraordinary pride in TV exact, impartial news to the group of onlookers as occasions happen. Ariana uncovers their radio and TV groups of onlookers to the best of worldwide terminology & society from as far and wide as probable, and make bigger open doors for nearby essayists, makers, performing artists, and executives inside Afghan groups.

Contact Information:

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  • Contact: +93 (0) 700 111 555

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