Hitradio Ö3

Hitradio Ö3 is an online based radio station and Austria’s the majority admired radio station broadcasts hit Pop and Rock and keeps its listeners up to date with the latest news, songs and therefore. The station also broadcasts passing through satellite television, with a display showing the previous, current, and upcoming tracks, and other information such as traffic reports. Radio Frequency: FM: 87.9 – 103.9.

General Information-

  • Broadcast area: Austria; Italy (South Tyrol)
  • Genres: Top 40 and Pop Music
  • Owner: ORF
  • Format: Adult Contemporary, news, entertainment
  • Networks: ORF Radio (Austria)
  • Language: German

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Hitradio Ö3 was for a long time the only ORF station acceptable to broadcast commercials, and it remains the station with the biggest reach and amount of advertising time per day, more than all private radio stations together. For this reason, it is often called “ORF’s cash cow”.

History of Hitradio Ö3

The station was launched by the ORF broadcaster on 1 October 1967 to a new numbered system, together with the traditional music station Österreich 1 and the local radios of the Ö2 group, following a 1964 national referendum against the placement of the public broadcasting service on the Austrian political Proporz system. The journalist and radio host Ernst Grissemann was commissioned to build up an entertainment station; he was supported by Frank Elstner, who had worked for Radio Luxemburg, and André Heller presenting the Musicbox avant-garde music journal. Grissemann served as programme director until 1979, known as “Mister Ö3”.

Popular program

  • Bennys Musikshow
  • Ö3 Vormittagsshow
  • Ö3 Playlist
  • Ö3 US-charts

Popular DJs

  • Benny Hörtnagl
  • Thomas Filzer
  • Elke Lichtenegger
  • Olivia Peter
  • Peter L. Eppinger


Hitradio Ö3 is one of the countrywide radio stations of Austria’s community broadcaster ORF. The arrangement focuses on modern hit radio, specializing pop music from the 1980s to the present. The station’s website provides latest reports and information’s, record charts, a studio webcam, streaming audio, and a daily playlist reaching back to 2009. Ö3 has the prime audience share by far (averaging 31%) of all Austrian radio stations.

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