Delta FM Indonesia, 100% Lagu Enak

Delta FM Indonesia or 99.1 DeltaFM Jakarta Is Widely Known As The No. 1 Young Adult Radio Station In Indonesia With 100% Lagu Enak.


Started on March 24, 1992, Delta FM is a private radio broadcaster and is part of Masima or better known as Masima Radio Network Group (MRN). They have radio channels which are currently airing in eight cities of Indonesia. They are along with their frequencies are as follows:

  • Jakarta 99.1FM
  • Bandung 94.4FM
  • Surabaya 100.5FM
  • Makassar 99.2FM 
  • Manado 99.3FM 
  • Medan 105.8FM 
  • Jogja 103.7FM
  • Semarang 96.1FM

Beginning with Radio Delta Jakarta which started its broadcast since 1992, DeltaFM now brings a sharper concept to be presented to its target audience.


Delta FM has a wide range of features that they offers through their website along with their amazing programs broadcasting all day long.

Letter To Danar,  Delta FM- 

Your Delta buddy. If you have a love problem that up to now confuses you? letter to Danar in love song story with Danar might be the right place where Danar Gumilang invites you to share your story with him and the whole team by filling the form here.


Zona 90an-

Special Zona 90am is back and this time with extra spice by offering cover song theme at DeltaFM. This is interesting for those who likes the songs of the 90s, specially the cover song nih. Pick your favorite song here.


You are welcomed at Makarena. This time Bara Pattiradjawane and Harsya Subandrio will make a menu whose name “sayur lodeh red kelor leaves”  in Food Wednesday Delicious at DELTA FM. Makarena is there for you at every Wednesday afternoon in Delta FM starting at 16:00 pm lho! For those of you who want to learn to cook with Chef Bara Pattiradjawane and Harsya Subandrio can also directly listen to on air on the radio or watch live at Instagram or at the facebook page of the radio.

By now it should be clear that this is no slouch of a radio, cause it has its own unique characteristics, features and style to be considered a popular name among many other Indonesian Radios.


A host of popular programs that are very engaging from the beginning to the end, this radio has lots of interesting things up its sleeve to attract listeners from all over the country.


Your friends Asri and every Monday to Friday at 6:00 am to 10:00 am with the kind of interesting programs format and presentation style that is more than enough to make your morning fun. With fresh topics and relevant to the listener, spiced funny sometimes naughty comments from two broadcasters of Asri Welas and Nino on the sidelines of a good song. Keeping up with the latest news updates and chat topics that are close to the listener and delivered in a pleasant atmosphere by Asri and Steny. Just do not miss this amazing morning program by Delta.


Reno Aditya will accompany you with the show Zona Lagu Enak with lots of good songs from 10:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday at the English song zone in Delta FM. Not only that, every 12 noon, you will get the musical flashback, as there will be zona 90an full of 90’s songs. You will also be updated with useful info, tips and facts about health, finance and property in every hour.


Bara Pattiradjawane and Harsya Subandrio will accompany you late in the evening on the way home from work, as well as those still who are still in the workplace with exciting sharing topics, plus Delta Traffic info is there to give you the information you need at the afternoon.

Do not forget, about the popular recipe program Makarena which has become one of the popular subprograms in Sore Bara Harsya. Where every Wednesday Chef Bara and Harsya will perform a cooking demo with a practical recipe every 4 pm.


Have a love problem? Or is there a love story to express? If so, then this is the program specially catered only for you.
The right time to vent at night while accompanied by love songs. There is also Sophie who will tell the love experience in her life written in Sophie’s Diary. In addition, you will also be invited to share your preferred love song on Playlist Cinta.

The radio is packed with various programs and features to make you engaged in such a way so that you never feel bored. It has music news, lifestyle related shows, programs on sports, entertainment and so on that you will tune to the radio again and again.

Social Presence:

This radio is not only lively by its programs but it has got lively presence in various major Social Mediums. Below are some of the links-

Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYoutube, SoundCloud.


Jl. Adityawarman 71
Jakarta, Indonesia.
Website Address:
Call: +62 21 72784618
You can listen to the radio from anytime you wish by just clicking or tapping at this link->Delta FM Indonesia