Dengerin Musik Indonesia, Musically Alive

Dengerin Musik Indonesia, considered among the best radios that is available online with a plethora of entertaining programs along with useful service, The station is increasing its listener’s number along with listening time rapidly. Which helped them in becoming a widely listened online radio in Indonesia. The radio is at the top among other Indonesian Radios.

They have multi-format based online streaming which makes their streaming flexible as it allows listeners easy access to the radio programs based on their preferred format. Nonstop access to a variety of programs that are continuously being adopted according to their listener’s feedback makes it one of the most listener-friendly radio in Indonesia.

Musical Style:

Dengerin Musik has a very talented broadcasting team. Each member of the radio is continuously analyzing the feedback from their listeners and adapting the format of programs and choice of music accordingly. Indonesian music gets the priority for their programs. Most of the popular genres are covered by them.  Music from soft to the rocking one, from the most trending to the classic ones are presented by their day-long programs. This radio is intense with lovely songs.  Not only Indonesian tracks but the best in international music is also played here. In order to entertain their listeners to their fullest, they won’t shy away from producing some special programs for the special day.

It’s a place where listeners can tune anytime and every time they will be fed by the kind of programs that they like.


Although radio broadcasting is their main service, Dengerin Musik is no slouch in offering other services. Their major services are as follows:

  • WEB HOSTING- DMI currently provides quality web hosting services at an affordable price.
    Servers in the leading data center located in Singapore so that it can be accessed quickly from Indonesia or from abroad.
  • RADIO STREAMING- Dengerin Music Indonesia in collaboration with streaming radio server service provider, provides a full-featured streaming radio package at an affordable cost.
  • ADVERTISEMENT- As there are many medium out there which can utilize the popularity of the radio, advertising on DMI radio is one of the options that deserve to be taken into account.

Contact DMI:

Radio Streaming, Dengerin Musik Indonesia.

Jl Bumijo Tengah JTI/1312
Jogjakarta 55231

Cell: +62-888-282-0444



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Website Address:

The radio is available along with many other popular radios from across the world in and you can start listening right now by clicking here->Dengerin Musik Indonesia.