Hang FM Spreading The Message of Islam To Ummah

hang fmHang FM which is run by Hang Media, is a very popular media platform consisting of Television and Radio broadcasting. Their prime goal is to become a trusted mean of Islamic knowledge for the whole Ummah. They want to become the most prominent medium in Indonesia for Da’wah. Through the power of media, they want to spread the message of Peace and blessings of Islam to all layers of society. The primary goal is to unite Muslim Ummah under the umbrella of Islam.

In addition to trying to manifest the beauty of Islam Hang Media also tries to be a reminder and enhancer in understanding the Islamic Sharia through broadcasting informational programs that are packed in a professional, easy to digest and flexible but still straightforward way.

With the spirit Towards Righteousness, they are here to accompany you at every opportunity related to Deen, to all circles of Muslim.

All Hang FM wants is to become a worthy and authentic place for various kinds of Islamic knowledge.

As a media with years of experience and thousands of dedicated followers of programs, Hang Media has their own mission going forward.

  • Providing authentic guidance, education and services to the community through Islamic Da’wah, to become a professional media in the society packed with moral values, and being able to compete in the era of globalization.
  • To become the main driver of the acceleration of progress and improvement for the creation of devout human resources to Allah Subhanawata’ala.

The theme of their radio’s programs are based on the following things-

Words of Worship

We as Muslims are bound to follow every command of Allah the way Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us, Hang 106 FM tries their best to spread the way according to the Sunnah

Let’s Love Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Islam is beautiful, Islam is easy to follow for those who want to live a pious life. and it’s proven that it becomes easier for us all when we love Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the bottom of our heart.

Understand The Truth
Each of us is able to learn. Learning the truth is the right way of learning and to help people learning the truth is another quality of their programs.

hang fm


By looking forward to spread the radios message to masses, they are available 24 hours a day for you to go through.

Dauroh Online-Scientific Islamic studies are streamed in the form of Audio Visual as well as through broadcast radio at 106 FM.

Jadwal SholatA prayer timetable is also presented by the radio for the people of Batam area as well as for the areas near it.

Kajian Regular– Presenting selected listeners of the radio a platform to have routine study on various Islamic matters to enhance their knowledge of Deen.

Contact Info:

Address: Gedung Indonesia Emporium Hall D, Batam Centre, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia.

Call: +62 778 469106


Language: Indonesian.

Website Address:

Social Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Hang FM is a great radio with lots of true and humble teaching way of Islam. As one of the leading radio directories out there LiveOnlineRadio has Hang 106 FM in its listing.

To enjoy the beautiful programs of this radio CLICK HERE.