Jak FM, The Radio For The Young Adults of Indonesia.

Jak FM or Jak 101 FM  is the number one young adult radio station for those who are aged between 25-35 years based on Nielsen Research.

Slogan – Yang Memainkan Musik Terbaik di Jakarta/Plays the best music in Jakarta!!

As the slogan of the radio implies its a radio focused on musical entertainment and not just any types of music, music that are liked by the youths.

In 2015 Jak 101 FM held 6% percent of the total radio traffic of Indonesia according to a survey. Even today various research including the one by “Nielsen Research” awarded the radio as the most popular radio station of Jakarta for among young adults. The radio company, PT Suara Irama Indah, was the first commercial FM radio station in the country.


First known as Suara Irama Indah in the late 1970s later on the radio was changed into two separate stations B-FM and Radio One in the late 1980s. The audience for Radio One was mostly Young Adults back then and the radio used to play classical music. After various incidents and evolution In 2006, management for the radio decided to change the name of Radio One branding to 101 Jak FM. The Ownership of the radio was also overtaken by Mahaka group and they are still running the radio.

Back then Jak FM has just changed their brand name. Neither the DJs who ran the show nor the style of the music they used to play has been changed since the time of Radio one. To attract more and more younger and more diverse listeners toward the radio Jak FM later decided to add new musical style in their radio programming, mostly Western music were added in their playlists.

Jak FM has slowly reduced classical style of music and added new announcers, including their popular morning show DJ Ronal Surapradja and Tike Prie both are loved by listeners a lot. All of their DJ’s and RJ’s are very friendly.


Jak FM operates for 18 hours. Outside of their schedule on-air hours they usually plays automated music to keep their listeners engaged with them. Their daily programs include:

  • Sarapan Seru (Ronal, Tike, Melissa Karim)
  • 101 Menit Musik Nonstop (various announcers)
  • Jak Best Music (various announcers)
  • Joki 3 In 1 (Jodi, Vecky) – based on abandoned 3-in-1 policy in Jakarta main avenues
  • Night Mix (various announcers)

Other notable features of the radio include-

  • Obrolan ROTI
  • JAK News
  • Info JAK
  • Most Wanted
  • Whats Up Jakarta
  • JAK Life
  • JAK Leisure
  • Music You Should Know!
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Career
  • Health
  • Business
  • Concert & Event

So, by looking at the above features it can be said easily that this is a radio packed with information and along with music they also cover other topics that will attract more and more younger listeners toward them.

Usefull Info:

Address: Menara Imperium Lt. P7, Metropolitan Kuningan Super Blok Kav. No. 1

Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Jakarta 12980.

Broadcast area: Jabodetabek metropolitan area and some.

Owner: Mahaka Group (2006-present) through PT Radio Suara Irama Indah.

First air date: Around late 1970s, as Jak FM 2006.

Frequency: 101.0 MHz

Language: Indonesian.

Call: +62 21 83707171

Fax : +62-21 8370 7172


Branding: Jak 101 FM

Music Type: Adult contemporary Music.

Website Address:

Social Links: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram.

The radio has achieved lots of success. It also became the only Radio for Young Adult that reached more than 1.000.000 listeners.

The radio is as usual listed in LiveOnlineRadio and in order to enjoy the radio now just click here->Jak FM.