Most Popular Russian Radio Stations in 2021

There are many Popular Russian Radio and picking ten from them is a tough job. Russia is home to many popular radio stations in the world. It has thousands of daily radio listeners. This makes the radio landscape of Russia rich, vibrant, and intuitive. This is why radio is one of the big media for entertainment and infotainment. Russians love musical radios as well as news and information-based radios too. As one of the big nations in the world, Russia has hundreds of online radio stations to offer for its listeners. Among these radios, only a few make it to the top of the listener’s interest. This article is all about the Most Popular Russian Radio Stations this year. The top ten list is based on the listenership stat for 2020-2021.

1.Russkoe Radio

Russkoe Radio is a Russian language-based online radio. All of its songs are exclusively in Russian. This makes it different from the rest of the Russian radios. Listeners from some of the CIS countries can also tune to the radio. Russkoe Radio started its broadcasting on August 2, 1995. Still today it remains the most popular radio station in Russia.

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2.Europa Plus

Its owned by European Media Group and also the first commercial radio station in Russia. It started broadcasting on April 30, 1990, and focuses on Hot adult contemporary music. At the moment, you can listen to Europe Plus in more than 2000 cities of the country, which are covered by 300 transmitters and satellite broadcasting. Radio Europa Plus is a charge of positive emotions for the whole day! It plays all the popular music of different styles by the brightest domestic and Western musicians.

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3.Dorozhnoe Radio

Dorozhnoe Radio is your perfect companion for good music. As the radio promotes good music, it can easily attract thousands of listeners daily. This is why it’s the 3rd most popular radio in Russia. It has programs for all kinds of listeners. It broadcasts music, entertainment, information, and much more.

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4.Radio Dacha

Radio Dacha creates an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation wherever you are! It plays the best of the best high-quality Russian pop music. Music that attracts from its first chords and wakes up good memories. The radio is entertaining to listeners of all age groups. If you have love for Russian music, Just tune into Radio Dacha. For day long entertainment. It’s the fourth most popular online radio in Russia.

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5.Avto Radio

Auto Radio is broadcasting from Moscow, Russia and plays the most popular Russian music. It is owned by VKPM Media Group and plays Russian and English songs. Avto is online 24/7 and listeners can access the radio at 90.3 MHz. Its a super cool radio for the cool music lovers of russia with great, positive and invigorating radio programs.

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6.Radio Mayak

Mayak means “lighthouse” or “beacon”. Radio Mayak is one of the oldest and round-the-clock radio broadcasters in Russia. Even after so many years of broadcasting the radio remains very popular. It has very entertaining musical programs. The radio is also loved by the listeners for its unbiased news presentation. However, it is popular for the intuitiveness of its programs and presentation.

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7.Retro FM

Retro FM is a modern, dynamic and fashionable radio that unites the widest audience and several generations of listeners at once. The radio station broadcasts only the best music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Retro FM is in the TOP-10 of the most popular radio stations in the country and is one of the leaders in commercial broadcasting, with a network of branches covering more than 250 cities in Russia and the CIS.

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Radio Chanson plays songs that we sing. Songs that make us think, reflect, empathize, rejoice and be sad too. It’s the that touches your emotion with its songs. Songs that speak to you and make you nostalgic. It airs beautiful Russian melody by the finest musicians of Russia. Radio Chanson is the specialist of good entertainment around the clock.

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9.Nashe Radio

Make your day exciting with Nashe Radio and its class-leading programs on rock music. It airs the most happening rock titles in Russia. Nashe Radio, first aired in 1998. Over the years of its existence, Nashe Radio has achieved wide popularity and all-Russian broadcasting coverage. It aims to take the listener’s perception of Russian rock music to a new height.

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10.Echo of Moscow

This is the tenth most popular online radio from Russia During the 2020-2021 period. The radio has thousands of daily listeners. It’s a commercial radio station live broadcasting 24/7. Echo of Moscow broadcasts programs on music, news, information, opinion, etc. News and talk shows are its main attraction. Good musical and news-based programs make it different from the other radios.

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