Spice Up Your Valentines Day Oomph With These Romatic Radios

 “If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love

– Maya Angelou.

A very romantic Quote by “Maya Angelou” right? Now, before love starts to take over all your senses, let’s attend a little history lesson on Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day or as some likes to call it, “Saint Valentine’s Day” which in fact is also known as the “Feast of Saint Valentine” is celebrated globally and annually at the February 14. Although the day is not a public holiday in any country yet why is this day very significant to many? That’s because February 14 or “Saint Valentine’s Day” is the symbol of affection and love around the world. It’s good to know that some parts of Eastern Orthodox Church also celebrates the valentines day on July 6 and July 30 too. Yes, it’s also true that some folks out there also protest this day but let’s not look at them now.

People around the world observe this day by sending love greetings, cards (marketer sends you beautiful E-mail flyers), gifts, some churches arranges special services and yep, dating is also included.

This day, for married folks out there around the globe, is the perfect day to ignite that love fire that might have turned a bit dim!
Switch off the lights, lit up the candles, fancy yourself to have a special moment with your better half, hold his or her hand in yours, but, wait, isn’t it feeling silent? you might need a little background music to make the environment more amazing and we are here to give you options with our list of online radios below to spice up your musical environment.

As love is universal and isn’t limited to couples only, the celebration of valentines day has a broader appeal. You can show your love for your children, parents, arrange some valentines day special programs with your near and dear ones. Speaking of “Special programs” music plays a great role in enhancing the excitement of celebration. What about some radio stations who specifically broadcasts romantic songs for you? Yep, this blog is all about that. Here we have listed some online radio stations below you can tune to who are specialized in airing romantic songs to give that extra spice to your Valentines Day celebration with your near and dear ones.

Have a look at the radio stations below and tune to the one you like:


Radio Love Live:

More love songs, every hour, than any other radio station!

Just like the name, the radio has lots of engaging love songs available 24 hours and in Valentine’s day, you can expect a further emphasis on songs that are packed with romance. More love songs, every hour, than any other radio station is how the radio describes itself. As the radio claims, it might truly be the number one radio station in the world to feature the most enticing love songs available. The playlist for this Valentines is about to get flooded with Romance and care. Radio Love Live is available anywhere you happen to be

Why don’t just tune in to the radio and experience their programs on this day of love. Just Click Here->Radio Love Live


Love Radio USA:

Music About Love…And…Songs That Tell A Story…!

A radio from the USA, undeniably one of the best in representing 60years of romance in music. From those good old classical romantic titles to the modern one Love Radio USA is the one that covers it all. The way they choose tracks and presents them is just class in itself. Lovely and romantic songs that tell a story of love to its listeners are the ones makes to their playlist of the radio. No matter you are being in love, remembering your loved one, even the heartbreaking memory of love, the radio has songs that will tell your love story.

So, enjoy  Love Radio USA with your friends, with your love right now by clicking here->Love Radio USA


Radio Lovetimes:

Romantic Music Hits!

An unprecedented expression of romance and affection are the terms perfect to describe Radio Lovetimes and its choice of songs. Although being a Brazilian hit for romantic songs, Radio Love times covers hits from the international romantic titles. No matter you are with your loved ones or alone just close your eyes tune in to Lovetimes and let the nostalgic memories of love to behold you. You surely won’t go wrong with this radio.

Bring back the great memories of your love life by clicking here->Radio Lovetimes


Sky Radio LoveSongs:

For those extra special love songs!

You happen to be fron netherlands and looking for a radio dedicated to one songle theme that is love, well this is where you should tune in then. All the great Dutch romantice songs along with the international ones makes up a playlist which is enough to engage you all day long. 

Just tune and enjoy their presentation of music by clicking here->Sky Radio LoveSongs


Smooth UK:

Songs that you love to hear, love to share!

Best of easy listening music for that calming romantic vibe. Smooth UK is a relaxing and refreshing mix of carefully chosen songs that you love. Whether you are celebrating with your better half or spending this day of love with your family, Smooth UK plays songs perfect for that calming background musical vibe to your celebration. 

Tune into the radio now and celebrate your day of love by clicking here-> Smooth UK


Love Radio 97.5:

Your lovely companion from Greece!

Living in Greece or planning to be there at this valentines day and looking for lovely greek music, than this is where you should tune in. The talented team of the radio is there to do the hard job for you which is to carefully select the kind of songs that are going to complement the day of valentines perfectly. To make it more interesting along with Greek music you will be feasted with some top class international romantic music titles.

Tune into the radio now and celebrate your day of love by clicking here-> Love Radio 97.5


Love 97.2FM:

Entertaining you at home and on the go!

Love 97.2 FM, a subsidiary of New Media Radio, focuses on 25- to 35-year-old bilinguals and plays Chinese and English hits in the 80s and 90s so that listeners can relax and enjoy their busy work.

So, enjoy  Love Radio USA with your friends, with your love right now by clicking here->Love 97.2FM


The Love MIXX:

Fall in love all over again!

Who doesn’t likes to fall in love again and again with his or her special one? The Love MIXX is a radio packed with songs that will make you do just that. The vibe, the emotion and feelings it creates in your heart with its love song based playlists will surely make you fall in love again. The team knows what its desired listeners want from them and always tries to do justice to their demands. 

Enjoy  Love Radio USA with your friends, with your love right now by clicking here->The Love MIXX


This is just a curated list by us to give you an idea about the kind of radios you can tune in at this valentines day. If you have a favorite radio to tune in for this special day with your special one, there’s a high chance that our vast directory of online radio might have that radio already listed. Just visit our radio directory and search for your favorite radio now.

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