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Ria 89.7FM is one of the most eminent online based Malay radio station on Singapore. It is a modern radio station provides Malay and English hits and offering infotainment for listeners. Here provides a diverse range of music genres like Adult Contemporary and contemporary music. Interviews of celebrities and related programs are very popular, besides popular actors, models and personalities are also taken by Ria FM. MediaCorp is the owner of this radio station.

General Info-

  • Broadcast area: Singapore
  • Frequency: 89.7 MHz
  • First air date: 1 December 1990
  • Format: Contemporary music
  • Owner: Mediacorp

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Advertisers can intend Malay particular campaigns for diverse communities through RIA 89.7FM’s radio advertising or just develop the reach of broad campaigns.


Singapore has been a provincial center of the music industry for a long time. Recordings of Chinese and Malay popular music were done at the EMI studio in Singapore in the colonial period, but until the 1960s, recordings were sent to be pressed in India and the records then sent back for sale. It was a center of Malay popular culture where Malay stars such as P. Ramlee were based, but after Singapore independence in 1965, the Malay music industry began to shift to Kuala Lumpur.

Ria 89.7FM is a contemporary music radio station owned by MediaCorp plays Malay along with English music which also includes International hits. The station was first on aired on 1 December 1990. It goes on spreading and promoting new Malay music to the nation.


Ria 89.7 provides a mix of music programs and talk shows 24 hours. Among the people of all ages, this radio channel plays music programs and talk shows 24 hours live online. You’ll find a unique blend of Malay and music popular of the Indonesian and Malaysian community from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as International pop, hits from Arab, French & Korea. Interviews with celebrities and other admired actors, models and personalities are also taken by Ria FM

Main Programs: Vicious Volume, The O-Show, I-Overdose, Singa Maksima, Roti Bakar Teh Tarik, Ngobrol Gitu Loh! etc.

(program schedules might change for various reasons, if you want to get program schedules, then visit Ria 89.7FM Website- ria-897-fm)

Main DJs: Dzar Ismail, DJ KC, Nity Baizura, Mbak Aura, Bang KC, DJ Azlin Ali.


Contact Info-

Social Contact: Facebook, Twitter, Website.

Address: Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939

Contact no.: +65 6359 7386.

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