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Symphony 92.4 FM is an online based classical music radio station broadcast from Caldecott Hill Estate, Singapore. Basic genre is Classical music; this station is devoted to classical music and the arts and here also provides a variety of Classical music information and entertainment programs. This radio station owns and operated by Mediacorp in Singapore. It is at present the only classical music radio station available in Singapore. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Slogan: Only the Finest Music

General Info-

  • Broadcast area: Mediacorp Campus 1 Stars Avenue Singapore 138507
  • Branding: Symphony 92.4 FM
  • Frequency: 92.4 MHz
  • Format: Classical music
  • Owner: Mediacorp

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Symphony 92.4 FM is proud to be the only radio station which is devoted to the classical music and the art in Singapore. If you’re a Classic music lover, Symphony 92.4 FM is the station to tune in and listen to the finest classic tunes whole day and night with attractive programs.


Symphony 92.4 FM is the first Classic music format radio station based in Singapore. As the station is devoted to classical music and the arts, it has a majority of audiences from Southeast Asia because of its resemblance to Singapore and dedication to their interests. This radio station is exceptional for advertising prospect for advertisers to tap their passionate foremost audiences.


Symphony 92.4 FM is Singapore’s only classical music station that features the world’s best orchestras and today’s rising stars, beside a rich diversity of jazz, musical theatre, and film music. This radio station is proud to be the only radio station which is devoted to the classical music and art information and entertainment programs in Singapore.

Main Programs:

Homebound with Gerald, Symphony Jazz with Kiat, Smooth Classics, Classics on a Roll, Lunch Treats with Chieng Mun, Breakfast with Andrew etc.

Main DJs:

Andrew Lim, Koh Chieng Mun, Gerald Wong, Kiat Goh, Serene Lim etc.


Bruno Goh Luse, Chua Yee Hoong, Gaiatri Sinnathamby, Mathilda D’Silva, Melissa Bun, Melvin Tan, Nixon Yong, Phua Ee Kia, Tan Cheow Khim (Khim)


Contact Info-

Social Contact: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Website.

Address: Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939

Contact no: +65 6359 7386

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